Anyone wishing to compete in the forthcoming season will need to have their annual medical completed before they can register with England Boxing. Holmes Chapel boxing club have invited us along to see their doctor on the morning of Sunday 25th April, the doctor will then be going to Macclesfield boxing club in the afternoon and Kev Bradbury has invited us over there if anyone can’t make the morning. Medicals are £10 and you will need your BCR1 (your card) from the club before seeing the doctor. Anyone who is getting medicalled or the first time can pick up a blank card from the club. Further details around meeting up ahead of travelling to the medicals will be communicated on Insta and at the club.

Anyone who has not registered before (i.e. you don’t already have a card) will also need to create an England Boxing member account at There is a link to a guide for creating your account as a boxer on the Member Registration page. When prompted please select the option for the club to pay for your registration. If you require any help please get in touch.