Hello Beartown family !

I hope you are all doing well under the current circumstances and are keeping active ready to get back in the gym.

I’m sure like me you are desperate to return to boxing and hopefully with the relaxing of the lockdown rules we will see some form of group exercise soon, be it indoors or outdoors we will make it work !

We have a few developments going on behind the scenes to improve the gym and our coaching. First of all a huge thanks to Bertie who has invested some considerable time and effort fixing, painting, cleaning and organising the gym. It’s looking fantastic and will be ready for your return whenever that may be. Bertie has worked very hard over the past few weeks and I hope everyone will show their gratitude by keeping it clean and tidy when we do return. We are also fixing some of the electrical and plumbing problems to make the gym as safe and secure as possible.

I’m also very happy to announce that Mark will be returning as a performance coach working with a small group of boxers on an individual basis. This is an important step that will allow us to develop our regional, national and international champions of the future (as well as helping to develop our coaches) and will ensure that everyone at the club has the opportunity to fulfill their potential. The rest of the coaching set up remains the same with Bertie and I running the group sessions alongside our team of coaches – Sam, Dan, Courtney, Ben, Ryan and Nev – who will continue with their excellent support.

Whilst the gym remains closed, Mark and I will be providing some 1:1 sessions over the coming weeks for our boxing squad, these will need to respect the current guidelines around social distancing and will be outdoor only until the rules are further relaxed. You will be contacted individually with an invite for your session.

On a financial note we have survived the current crisis due to a healthy bank account built up over the last two years thanks to the hard work of everyone behind the scenes – our fitness classes, sponsors, club shows and donations have all contributed to us being able to weather storms like the one we currently face. However I have to say it was heart-breaking watching all the money we had worked so hard to generate disappearing on rent and bills, so it’s with great pleasure that I can confirm that we have secured a grant from Sport England for £3,000 which will cover our outgoings April-August, a huge relief providing security and certainty for the future.

Stay safe, stay active and we’ll see you again soon !